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Most network security threats arise from the lack of... patching or updating of installed software. up-to-date antivirus package.

...routinely examining log files for problems.

...routinely removing temporary files.

...backup system monitoring, maintenance and testing.

...monitoring how your Internet is being used.

...concern over SmartPhone apps stealing information.

...archiving old data out of the system.

...occasionally performing an internal and external security audit.


The following Holoweb services address these threats with innovative solutions.

Designed to work with your existing IT support professionals and help reduce overall costs. Simple repairs are included at no additional cost. Advanced repairs are deferred to the local IT manager or the Holoweb Help Desk.

Workstation security patching, health & antivirus monitoring

$12/month/machine - (Monthly contract)

  • Microsoft software always up-to-date & monitored. (Initial Windows Update repairs attempted free of charge.)
  • Anti-virus software always up-to-date & monitored.
  • Select third-party software always up-to-date.
  • Select backup software monitoring.
  • Automatic temporary file removal.
  • In-depth hardware and software monitoring.

* Included in the cost is commercial anti-virus (Webroot and MalwareBytes) and a remote access license (LogMeIn) for your own use.

Server security patching, health & antivirus monitoring + basic repairs

$60/month/machine - (Monthly contract)

  • Microsoft software always up-to-date & monitored.
  • Anti-virus software always up-to-date & monitored.
  • Select third-party software always up-to-date.
  • In-depth hardware and software monitoring.

* Basic repairs include a vast number of items such as: Windows Update repair, starting halted system services, DHCP, DNS, Exchange, SQL, Active Directory corrections and countless other fixes. This service saves money and increases uptime for your organization!

Backup system monitoring & off-site cloud storage

$130/month/(first 500GB) + $8/month/(each additional 100GB) - (Yearly contract)

Backup system malfunctions are extremely common. The vast amounts of data being kept and the complexity of the systems involved requires special attention. More than a cursory glance is necessary and someone needs to be responsible for the company data assets. Encrypted copies of your network data can be stored at our facility. This provides added protection from disasters such as fire, theft or human error involving backup drive rotation.

  • On-site & off-site cloud storage. No more USB rotation!
  • Verification the backup software is running (weekly).
  • Verification the backup software is capturing all data (monthly).
  • Verification that select data can actually be restored (quarterly).
  • Up-to-date documentation of how the system works.
    • Number of copies of data.
    • Where the copies are stored.
    • How far back in time data can be restored.
    • Encryption status and passwords.

* Additional hardware and software may be required.

Internet usage productivity monitoring

$9/month/machine - (Yearly contract)

You are responsible for how people use your Internet connection. Aside from the legal ramifications you are equally concerned by staff member productivity.

  • Invisible software so the user is not affected.
  • Minute-by-minute logging of what the user is doing.
  • Easy to distinguish user productive -vs- unproductive activities.
  • Receive immediate alerts of certain user activities that interest you.
  • Block sites or applications.
  • Web page interface to view reports and screenshots.

SmartPhone antivirus and control

Coming soon - (Yearly contract)

It's estimated that 12% of SmartPhones are infected with malware that is stealing your personal information such as txt messages, emails, contacts, photos, etc. Tools for managing and combating this problem are just beginning to mature.

  • Malware detection by a regularly updated IBM database.
  • Locate device currently and historically on a map. Buzz lost device to locate it. Be alerted when it leaves a geographic area you select.
  • Lock the device from the user & forcefully delete corporate data.
  • See installed Apps, selectively disallow Apps, and remotely install an App.
  • Send device secure messages and documents.
  • Force a passcode policy, encryption or any level of compliance (software versions, wireless, etc).
  • Inventory all information about device.

Network Security

It is recommended that once-per-year both an internal and external security audit be performed.

Internal Security Audit

Call for estimate.

We determine who has access to what, how and where within your walls.  You'd be shocked to know how many companies out there have weak passwords on network accounts for copiers and scanners that have full administrative rights to the network.  Hackers love these holes!

Server Credentials

Audit what accounts are network domain administrators.
Determine if local admin accounts/passwords are known and/or enabled.

File System

Audit who has access to what files and in what folders.


Audit what machines have direct remote access (RDP).
Document all external port forwarding (holes in firewall) that are taking place.

Workstation Credentials

Determine if local admin accounts/passwords are known and/or enabled.
Determine if user is using an account with local admin permissions.

Network Scan

We port scan the entire network looking for rogue programs.


Determine existing password policy; are passwords shared, known, or simple?
Determine former employee password knowledge levels.


Known and unknown passwords.
Everything else pertinent that we find.

External Security Audit


We determine how tough your outer defenses are.  We'll perform a rigouous scan from the Internet directed at your network looking for holes and weak spots.  A detailed report and recommendations will be made based upon our findings.

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