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Computer Network Security from Holoweb!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide a brief overview of our computer network services. We have provided the highest quality business Internet support in the Minneapolis St. Paul area for over 80 small to mid-sized clients since 1996.

Who we are

Internet security specialists that can handle advanced cyber threats, antivirus, computer network penetration, malfunction, upgrade, conversion or programming job for your business.

What we do


Cyber security - Emergency removal of hackers and virus infections; disaster data recovery.


Preventive maintenance - Keep systems up-to-date and protected against cyber attacks with network monitoring and internet security.


Help desk support - Repair broken systems and resolve end-user issues.


Technology Consulting - Making your business more profitable with cloud computing and web marketing.

Why you should consider us

  • Firsthand experience in all areas of computer networks: security, Internet, backups, remote access, uptime.
  • Large enough staff to accommodate a timely response.
  • In business 19 years with clients to match.
  • Complete 95% of tasks under budget.
  • Honest, quality workmanship evident in the near zero loss of clients.
  • Have a variety of budget conscious payment plans, including:
    • Fixed pricing
    • Managed service offerings
    • Pre-payment price reductions
  • Free network and problem analysis!
  • Support options include optional 24-hour assistance.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
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